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    I picked up this truck 17 years ago for $150 figuring I could rebuild the engine and have a parts truck for my shop.The rebuild was stupid money at the time so as a joke I grabbed an 85 302 out of a T-bird that was totaled. Got the thing on the road and had a blast kicking "ricers" butts with it. Then 11 years ago I was hit by a drunk driver who merged into my lane taking out the passenger front end (I wasn't hurt at all just PISSED)
    A few months later I found a rust free 83 cab and bought it for $39.99 from a local junk yard.Well next thing you know the frame is stripped, air ride put in, 4 link, 7.5 inch 3.45posi (Ranger axle) gas tank relocated,full mandrel bent 2.5 inch duel exhaust,AOD with 2400 stall and a stage 2 shift kit,modified BBK Mustang headers, and 5 lug front conversion. there the truck sat for a few years.
    Then I was lucky and found a set of 66 289 4v HO heads and its engine upgrade time.Put in a new cam (Ford A312) windage tray,anti-pump up lifters,roller rockers and a few things to let the engine run to 8000 rpm.Again the truck sat for a few more years
    in the last 6months I have been working on it again and with luck will be on the street again in 3-4 months
    Photobucket.com/fordubishi you can check out all the work so far to date. I update it every few days with new pic's

    Original build

    New Cab and engine mods

    New duel exhaust

    Body back on frame for the last time

    Getting there

    Back Together

    It's a driver again

    Bags Deflated
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    1. Bill e's Avatar
      Bill e -
      Dang... that is pure beauty...
    1. mylittleshitty's Avatar
      mylittleshitty -
      INDEED.. I want a first gen
    1. Maurice's Avatar
      Maurice -
      I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your great looking truck. I have a 79 Arrow pickup and installed a Ford 302 with a T-5 speed manual trans. I have owned it since 1980 and try to improve it each year. Nothing like your beauty but still a lot of fun. I just purchased a Power Brute rear diff for it but have not installed it yet. It will be a good winter project.

    1. amos_dugger's Avatar
      amos_dugger -
      Is this thing for sale?
    1. MightyKen's Avatar
      MightyKen -
      All i can say is wow, its immaculate!
    1. Jacepaul's Avatar
      Jacepaul -
      If you're still keeping up on this hit me up... Just picked up an 87 auto looking to do something similar... Specifically about engine/tranny mount and the 5 lug conversion... Thanks
    1. Salteen's Avatar
      Salteen -
      Dad has a 89 stang, he is gonna 351 swap it, so i was gonna buy the 302 (69k miles) and put it in my donor truck (1982 ram 50 engine going in my 87) t 5 and all (he is going Richmond 6 speed)
    1. Salteen's Avatar
      Salteen -
      a 302 is a good choice because it is a really small block. a 318 or something fills the bay. a ford 390 is the size of a dodge 318 or a chevy 6.0 LS
    1. sixto's Avatar
      sixto -
      Excelente camioneta