• Pix of a few High Performance Modifications

    Since there isn't anything in here and I have a fairly high preformance Mighty Max I'll go first.

    In the beginning, behold the Stock Mighty Max

    Roll Cage work

    Engine painted & assembled, & timed, Notice the Balance Shaft Delete.

    The Intake with the long runners removed and re-welded Flange

    10:1 compression piston with Heat coating on top and slick coating on the sides

    AEM EMS where the stock ECU used to be

    Rewiring the engine bay for the Dual Coil and Eclipse Throttlebody

    Turbo and Intercooler installed

    Tuff Pan Plate to strengthen the Tranny

    Quartermaster Twin Disk Clutch and highly modified aluminum Flywheel to accomodate it.

    Package ready for delivery

    Fluidyne radiator to keep things cool.

    On the trailer after a week of racing at Bonneville

    Awards won

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    1. 95Mightymax's Avatar
      95Mightymax -
      hopefully how i want my truck here soon! nice work
    1. tanzytinkerz's Avatar
      tanzytinkerz -
      how do you accomidate the balance shaft delete kit? what all do you have to do exactly to make it work? that is my current project
    1. BradMph's Avatar
      BradMph -
      Finally got to view this piece of work and great job! Some thing to be very proud of and it makes history books.
      There a video posted in forum of the run?
    1. thillskier's Avatar
      thillskier -
      Very IMPRESSIVE, Mike!
    1. thillskier's Avatar
      thillskier -
      Whats your take on the pan? I have a new 4d56 on the way for my 1995 MMAx. Isn't the 5 speed in it the same tranny as is yours? If so, whats the pan results? How much use have you done with it? I need one for sure, as thats the weak link on my Gen 1 diesels, 4 and 2wd, toasted bearings bi annually even with AMsoil trans/gear oil! (and 100,000 mile changes too).. What weakness does this eleminate (or reduce). I couldn't find any contact info on the site, so sorry to bother you with these tech questions, but $ are short...but I know I need a fix from some where for tranny, esp with diesel torque! Thanks! cell(256)794-2382 or pm/email if easier for you...Very first class build, by the way! Any dyno's?
    1. thillskier's Avatar
      thillskier -
      Mike, I found the link to open contact info (and install instructions). Do the trannys eat bearings due to inherent weakness in housing strength? The "tuffpan" nakes the housing much stronger and more rigid, correct? Is that all we need to do for X wtq rating? Yours is probably putting out a LOT of tq AND HP!
    1. Jeb's Avatar
      Jeb -
      Where did you get your bellhousing "Scatter shield"?
    1. moonmaster's Avatar
      moonmaster -
      "Fairly high performance Mighty Max" uhhh understatement of massive proportions! Love it!