• Scarlett D50

    Hello everyone! I'm hoping to check some more items off my "to do" list in the next few weeks, and post the new updates here, but in the meantime I'll start with a few pictures and history of my truck so far.

    I've been working on my truck since I bought it in 2005, just doing what I can every summer and keeping it in storage during the cold months. It was my daily driver for only three months, atfter which I solidified my plans and got to work.

    To date I have made mostly cosmetic changes, changing things slightly to clean up the body (filling, shaving). Mechanically the truck is near stock, only sporting new suspention and brake parts, and updated regular maintenance parts. Inside, there is an Eclipse head unit and a few PG speakers and amp; real simple but with good sound. There's also some new bucket seats, and I changed the colour from blue-grey to black.

    Thats more or less it so far. Nothing outrageous, just my best attempt at making the perfect mini truck for me. Thanks for looking and of course, your comments and insight are always welcome!


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