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I want to start this information out by saying that any further information you may have concerning tire fit on our trucks is welcome 100% and can be added to this wiki information. Just post your additional knowledge on this subject for everyone else to view for their own needs.

My information comes from my own experience of over 26 years of tires installed on my own truck. My truck is an '86 Mitsubishi Mighty Max I owned since 1987 and has been slightly lowered. It also has shortened travel shocks in front and a stock travel KYB's in the back. Shown below is the setup of the lowering with the largest tire I could fit on the truck without it scraping the rubber off the tires. The tire size that fits perfectly on this setup is the 235/60R 14 as shown.

I have used both Coopertires and BFGoodrich T/A's and the BFG's are far superior tires, especially if you like to go fast in heavy rain. They last longer, handle very well and also look the part to a custom truck. Though they are not 22 inch dub rims with super low profile tires, they are the tire that allows the truck to be a truck still and also look very cool and perform oustandingly.

The 235/60R 14 views
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