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I'm going to start grabbing Mitsubishi, Dodge, and Chrysler Plymouth Blueprints I find. The first batch are not huge prints, but they can be used for 3D model creations. If you have a blue print for one of our vehicles that we generally support hear at MightyRam50, you can post it here or send to me with a PM and I will gladly do the resize and clean it up for folks.
I decided to just place all I find into their appropriate manufacture's name. They are not real big so downloading a set will go real quick. The average size is about 5 inches in width and can be sized up if needed for a mapping polygons. You can raise res also. Well, your welcome to them and I will search when I have time and add to list.

(more to be added)

Just finished creating the 1979 to 1986 Mitsubishi Mighty Max / Plymouth Arrow / Dodge Ram50 - D50 Blueprint. It is not perfect by all means, but it is useable for projects.
(click image to expand)
79 to 86_Mitsubishi_Pickup_Truck_blueprints.jpg
Download file below. If during download the forum source renames extension, just change extension back to .ZIP and it will work.
79 to 86_Mitsubishi_Pickup_Truck_blueprints.zip

Mitsubishi List.gif
Dodge List.gif
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