Fuel Management System:THe History of Weber Carburetors

The History Of Weber Carburetors

The Weber Story

​Weber goes from humble start to making racing history..

​Weber Carburetors were first produced by Fabbrica Italian Carburatori Weber" Founded by Edoardo Weber in the early 1920's located in Bolonga Italy. The first Weber brand product was a carburetor for trucks using the vaporizer or emulsion tube type system. That system led to the development of the first Sidedraft Double Barrel Carburetor. These Weber Carburetors were initially used on Alfa Romeo and Maserati race cars. Weber would go on to produce some on the successful and iconic carburetors in racking history.

Weber joins with Fiat to supply carburetors worldwide...

In 1936 Fiat formed a joint venture with Weber to supply carburetors world wide for its growing automotive empire. Fiat did not want to be solely dependent on French company Solex for its global carburetor supply. A new factory in Bologna Italy on Via Timavo was built for expansion and production of Weber Carburetors. This facility remains till today as Fiat's headquarters to its parts conglomerate Magneti Marelli Powertrain.

The Magneti Marelli (Weber USA) facility in Sanford North Carolina continues to produce Weber Carburetors for Interco (DBA as Weber North America) and the Edelbrock Corp. Magneti Marelli also produces original equipment for automotive manufacturing companies across the globe.

Fuel injection and emission laws change carburetor companies..

With the advent of tougher emissions laws and new and improved fuel injection systems during the 1970's and 1980's Magnetti Marelli began to divest itself of all but one of its carburetor manufacturing plants. The last Weber Carburetor to be produced in the original Bologna Italy plant left the factory in 1992.

During the 1970's Weber (now a Fiat company) took control of regional carburetor manufacturing plants in the USA, Spain and Brazil in order to supply local automobile manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers. In 1986 Fiat (Weber) took control of long time rival Solex it's main competition for over 50 years along with Pierburg. Now Weber and Solex were parts of Fiat's giant parts division Magneti Marelli. The Solex brand was then sold to French company Sinbar that produces electric mopeds.

Edoardo Weber dies and Weber Carburetor goes in a new direction..

After the death of founder Edoardo Weber in 1945 Fiat assumed control of Weber. In the early 1960's a second carburetor was built in Asti Italy in a joint venture with American Holley Corporation and GEON Intercontinental Corporation also known as Interco. Interco was Weber's exclusive distributor in the United States until 1977 when the company was sold.

In addition to the Magneti Marelli Weber USA factory in Sanford, NC there are two Weber licesees: Interco (DBA Weber North America) and LCN Mecanica S.L who purchased the original Spanish Solex factory out of bankruptcy from Promek in 2005. Both licensses are allowed to produce Weber Brand Carburetors subject to Magneti Marelli's production standard.

Guidelines For Usage Of The WEBER Mark
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