Electrical System:Starter & Alternator Information

Getting to know Starters and Alternators...

What is a Starter?
“A starter (also starting motor, or starter motor) is an electric motor that rotates an internal combustion engine to cause the engine to begin powering itself”
“A starter is an electric motor needed to turn over the engine to start it”.

What is an Alternator?
“An Alternator charges the battery, to power a car's electric system, when the engine is running”
“An alternator is part of the charging system of your car that produces electricity for many devices”.

This document discusses the varieties of Starters, wiring types and their many workings and versions.
For example;

DD - Direct Drive
PLGR - Planetary Gear
PMGR - Permanent Magnet - Gear Reduction
PMDD - Permanent Magnet - Direct Drive
OSGR - Off-Set Gear Reduction

It also gives information about Alternators workings.
For example;

ER/EF External Regulator - External Fan
IR/EF Internal Regulator - External Fan
IR/IF Internal Regulator - Internal Fan
ER/IF External Regulator - Internal Fan
ED/IF External Driver - Internal Fan

Download document Here!

More Starter Related Material "S" Terminal

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