Brake System:Mitsubishi Brake System - What is EBD?

Mitsubishi Brake Systems What is EBD?

Mitsubishi would like to inform our drivers about the advanced safety features on their vehicle. Many may overlook the importance of this safety technology the truth is each feature plays a role during daily function of driving and also under stressful situations such as in climate weather or during a collision. Mitsubishi believes its important to educate drivers about the safety features about the Mitsubishi cars they drive each day.

What is Mitsubishi Brake Assist?
Mitsubishi Brake Assist is a new braking technology that increases braking pressure in an emergency situation. This new technology is a feature that helps Mitsubishi drivers during emergency situations.The System supports pedal actuation during emergency braking by providing additional brake force. Once brake force exceeds a certain level, the brake booster is increased while the brake force is applied the ABS becomes more effective.

What is Electronic Braking Distribution?
Mitsubishi Electronic Brake Distribution [EBD] is brake force to the Front & Rear Wheels are optimized and maximum braking is ensured. When braking with with more than one passenger, EBD increases the motive forces to the rear wheels more than when there is only one passenger. This system increases brake effectiveness compared to vehicles not equipped with Electronic Brake Distribution.
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