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Thread: Differences between 2wd vs 4wd

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    Differences between 2wd vs 4wd

    I thought I would start a post that will help document some of the differences between 2wd vs 4wd. I am sure this will help some out . If there is thread on this already i didnt find it. Aside from the obvious ones front end, tranny, t-case, two piece rear drive shaft (2wd) one piece (4wd). Quad headlights on 83-86 models.

    Looking for the more obscure differences people may not know about.

    This is what i know.

    Oil pan, i posted on this already

    Radiator 4wd is wider by about 4 inches mounting holes approx 23.5 inches vise 19 for 2wd.

    Front sway bar 2wd is thicker in diameter and mounts to a arms differently.
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