So I have a 90 ram 50 and pulled the tranny and engine. Had some scoring inside the #3 cylinder wall so I punched it out .40 over. Ordered new pistons and rings and the pistons won't fit the rods. After examining closer I found this has already had an engine swap. The tag on the block sows it came from a 93 which explains the pistons not fitting rods. My next issue is the tranny, which is a KM145, I pulled it apart only to find the place I bought the rebuild parts from, sent the wrong bearings. After I finally got the right bearings (I hope) I cant remember how to put it back together. My question is this, is there another tranny that will bolt right up to the 2.4 and slide right in without major mods? And if anyone out there is doing a km 145 or km 132 rebuild, can you please take some very detailed pics for me please?