I am having a ton of luck lately whenever I think I am about to put my engine in. This time the turbo. exhaust housing was cracked on the inside. I got a 'NOS' mitsubishi TC05-10A, and I am starting to think its a good housing filled with crap from China. Upside is I can just use the exhaust housing if need be since the rest of mine is good, but seems a shame after paying for a new turbo.

Anyway there is a ton of shaft end play. I do not have oil in it, but it seems excessive. My old one spun freely with zero play after over 100k miles. I was under the impression that these were journal bearing turbos, but when I contacted the vendor about it they claim it is a floating ring bearing and this is perfectly normal. Just wanted to get some input from some turbo guys. Even just to confirm whether or not a genuine part would be a journal bearing.

Here is a video I took of it when I contacted the vendor.