Where should I start. How about a little info about my truck. Its a 95 mighty max rust free regular cab with 2.4. After I bought I put about 2000 miles on the truck in a matter of a month. It started smoking and had kind of a rough idle at first start up. First thing I did was check compression. Those number came out to be 140, 140, 112, and 120. Right there I knew I had bad valve seals. So from there I decided to just rebuild the 4g64 motor sohc. Since I was going to get into the head I decided why not just replace the bearings have the block and crank checked out. I don't really want to deal with the dohc swap. Maybe one day but its a lot of information right now, to me its a bit confusing. I will upload some pictures following this post. Thank you all for looking, all comments and suggestions are extremely welcome.