Hi all I have a 1993 Mighty Max 2.4l 4g64, and I'm struggling to find a disty rotor for it.

I went to O'reilly's and asked them to order me a cap and rotor, but when they arrived the cap fit fine, but the rotor didn't fit. They tried ordering a different rotor but it also didn't fit.

The shaft coming out of my distributor is round, with one flat side. The part of my rotor that fits onto that shaft is the same shape, but opposite the flat side is the metal spring. Their rotors had metal springs on three sides, and no flat side. My rotor is also less "tall" than the rotor they got me, it doesn't stick as far off the shaft coming out of the distributor. My rotor has three "teeth" at the end where it engages the the cap. It also doesn't have a plastic brace underneath it like the ones they ordered, which looked like chicken head knobs.

Anyway sorry for the wordy post