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Thread: Got a new (to me) MMAx, need gas tank parts! Please:)!

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    Got a new (to me) MMAx, need gas tank parts! Please:)!

    ANyone have a parts truck and wants to sell me the sending unit fuel pump assy. (Without the pump and strainer as I have a newone)?

    I am/have looked everywhere for one. It f0r a 2nd gen, 1992 FI, 2.4, 4cyl, 2wd truck1 Its PERFECT for what I need it for, and all I need to get it back ob the road, (if the guy was honest re trucks condition! 268,000 iles and 2 owner, the original owner was an ewlderly man who had to stop driving, and then sold the truck last year to the seller I just got it from.
    He was supposed to send.mail it to me after we realized it wasn't in the truck or tank. (The tank pump etc was out, as the fuel pup was shot, and tank was really crappy with gum/varnish

    I put carb cleaner (an older gallon that had started to accumulate metal bits to an amount that I decided to "retire" it...still good enough to scour out the crap hopefully from dried old gas..

    ANy help would be MUCHo appreciated.
    Also, anyone having a source for reasonable parts would REALLY help re this, AND future needs repairs, upgrades, screw ups etc, etc!

    By the way, He has another seized from sitting MMax, I am dealing on with him. I need this truck running to use my car hauler to go get that one, of we make a deal. I will then be able to sell anyone needing parts parts as I plan to part it out to forum members and my friends locally who love these fabulous trucks as I do..

    Thjese are the absolute BEST pickups ever made, IMHO, especially, Value for $. I've owned 10 of them, since 1984, 3 first generations, (2 4wd, and one new off showroom 2wd diesel,, sport, 5 speed! First NEw vehicle I ever bought owned!
    450+ miles on the first body/frame (wrecked) then transplanted the tdiesel into a 4wd 1980 body/frame for another 4 yrs and 300,000+ miles! Only issues were 2 worn out turbo journal bearings (started smoking and screeching from turbine contact with the housing (compressor side) after 300,000+ miles. Partially (at least) my fault as I ran Gasoline rated Castrol, instead of Rotella or Amsoil (as I discovered Amsoil late in 1983 and extended drain, faster spooling, 3 mpg better economy, and clean, spotless engine under the valve cover, (NOT what I saw when I resealed it at 300000 miles for sure!! That clogged the drain from turbo to oil pan starving it of oil, IMHO, frying the journal bushings.
    This was before water cooled center sections and ball bearings, much less ceramic bearings, the "ticket" for lifetime turbo reliability, and performance! The $300.00 reman bill wasn't bad though, and I met Udo, the best turbo builder/rebuilder, and source of all knowledge re turbo sizing, upgrading, turboing NA engines, gas and diesel, etc. My turbo Miata project REALLY awakened me to the possibilities!! Woo hoo BIG fun!

    Sorry for the life story everyone, just a bit excited about my (new to me) truck project!!
    Can't WAIT to get her back up and running, much ess I am and have been TRUCKLESS for almost 6 weeks! Working out of a 2000 Honda Insight hybrid!! hehe Thats the 2 seater, go cart sized one!! Its got a smaller wheelbase than my Golf Cart!! Only weighs 600 lbs more, seats one fewer as well! hehe It has 66 hp (gas, the electric "boost" adds a bit more, of course..and actually it performs AMAZINGLY well for a 65mpg to 8-0 mpg (If I can stand to drive 50-60mph!!) Saves me a lot of $ commuting to work (a 150 mile round trip), and It drives really well now I upgraded the suspension, and brought maintainance up to snuff.

    My "dream" is to do a 4d56ti install one day on the MMax That will be AWESOME for sure...Iremember how fun (and actually FAST!) the 1984 was...It was light, super strong and torquey, 44 mpg at 80 on the Interstate, and proved bulletproof (except aforementioned turbo bearing oil starvation from using gasoline blended and wrong motor oils... I think I rebuilt the starter brushes once as well, not sure re that, but in a total of 8yrs, 600,000 miles not bad expenses at ALL!

    I had a white Mmax that been down for a couple yrs due to initially a bad head fro the seller I bought from. It had been "block sealered" to get it to run so he could sell it running I flushed it until the sealer was gone (cleared up the "rust stained" I THOUGHT water from the cooling system and BOOM, the water exploded out of the radiator as the crack opened up when the last little bit of block sealer blew out!! I had a bad sinking feeling at that time, for SURE! It seized after it sat also...And thats the status of it currently.
    I Could remove the tank etc from it, but hate to start that downhill slide....IF I can find one on here, or from one of you guy's suppliers, I LIKE rebuild it (or do a swap, when there is time and $$, eventually.

    Anyway hope this works, and someone has one they will sell! I sure would APPRECIATE it!!! HUGELY!

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    I have a stripped '87 mm I have the tank of of. If you can do some research and those parts will fit on your truck also(I'm not positive myself) let me know and we can work something out just thought I'd throw that one that you let me know and good luck if I can help you

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