Can someone explain the trim packages to me? Or if you have a link please post it.

Im trying to find out a little bit more about my truck and ive noticed i have a few things ive only seen on my truck in this area. First i have a chrome rear bumper thats pretty rounded its not like the generic box type i see on all the other trucks around here. Next i have chrome windshield trim that is different than the ones i have seen at the junkyard. The ones i have seen have a bump in the center and look like there was a rubber coating over it. I have a chrome front bumper which know isnt rare but its the only one i have seen in my area. I have the cloth door cards which again i havent seen other than on here. Lastly i have the dash clock which im almost positive came in the truck from factory.

I know that there is a sport model but i dont know what makes it a sport other than the decal on the side which im not sure if mine has because the previous owner repainted the truck. Also i have seen some of our trucks have a 2nd style of decal on the back with mitsubishi on the top left and mighty max on the bottom right. When did they switch over to this or does it indicate a specific thing?

Any info would be appreciated
Thanks in advance