I bought a new bumper recently because the previous owner hit something and caused a gnarly dent. I thought originally that just the bumper and the mounts were bent so i bought a new bumper and fixed the mounts but when trying to install the new one it just wouldnt fit so i ended up grinding a little here and there and still a no go. After i looked at it for a bit i realized that a piece of the front frame crossmember(?) is bent just enough to not work. I assume you guys know what piece im talking about its just a piece of tubing under the radiator that the skid plate bolts on to.

The piece thats causing me trouble is the left side mount that has the stud on it is bent slighty to the left i think if i cut the inside of it and bent it with the torch until it was straight and just weld it up i could get everything But im not sure if would be worth the trouble if its easier to just pull a new one? I called around i was told i could get the piece for 25 bucks. If i were to pull one at the junkyard is there anything i need to know before i just start wrenching away under there? I can get pictures tomorrow if you need a better idea of what im talking about i know its kind of vague.

Thanks in advance.