I have a mitsubishi mighty max 2.4
new ecu last year from bad caps ran great until a cylinder just finally lost compression
different motor I put in myself started up ran great been okay ever since

ive always seemed to have issues with the iac
Well its gotten bad i read the codes and of course it was on there but so was my tps which i did check seemed to progress well when reading my meter and sat at .49 with igniton to on not running position,
Im not saying its not bad but im starting think this iac is the main culprit in it just running horribly.
If i smack the iac with a wrench idle suddenly quits surging truck seems great for about two minutes.
I can also hear the iac motor well making noise if i turn ignition on and wait 15 seconds while putting my ear to it(seems like something normal to me)
Is their any way to test it I have found dozens of posts on the one plug multiple pin type.
mine has two plugs one is id say 6 pin? and other is 2 pin.