I was told by a wise elder, (My Pa, just before he passed) he says to me: Daughter dear, your going to be needing the wisdom of the mitsubishi forum. sooo, here i am n new to the forum. im looking for a 4g64 6 bolt flywheel for my 1990 mighty max, 2.4, 5 speed.
my mighty max needed a lil pick up, yea no. a lil more get up n go. it had 189k on it. so i picked up a motor with only 82k for only 200 buck. took off the valve cover n it looked like new. it's an automatic tho, and when i went to change out the flywheel, i noticed it was a tad chewed up, so im in need of another flywheel for it. from what i've gathered, in mid 92 mits went from a 6 bolt mount to a 7 bolt mount. would any of you be able to guide me in locating 1.