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Thread: To Rebuild or Not to rebuild?

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    To Rebuild or Not to rebuild?

    Hey guys, I have some very specific questions and looking for advice. You guys have been invaluable!

    I bought a 91 MM, 2wd, 4g64 as a beater shop truck. Paid $500. So far I've spent roughly 1k on parts, suspension overhaul, and various other knacks like timing belt, fuel pump, etc.

    Now all these parts I purchased are currently non-refundable (sale type stuff,) anyhow, what I thought was lifter tap turned out much worse. After replacing the lashers, checking all the boxes, my problem turned into much less taps and much more knocks.

    Dropped oil pan...

    It appears someone did not attach the pickup properly, as it was in the oil pan itself!!!

    I apparently lost oil pressure, uh oh. So I pulled the engine (need to do the clutch anyways, easier when all said and done.)

    My bearings look like they were in a knife fight...

    Now on to the question:

    Should I just do a full rebuild? Using an OEM spec crankshaft kit, and DNJ piston kit since I am in there... OR Should I do something else? I am leaning towards a rebuild as i have a couple of hundred in random 4G64 stuff, but hell, if I am better off doing something else at a loss of $200, for the better good in the long run, I suppose now would be the time to do it.

    I love the truck otherwise, always have since highschool, and I understand the slight irresponsibility in putting a few grand in a less than grand vehicle. But hey, mighty maxs are really cool.

    I am totally cool with any, not difficult (time, money, effort - wise) swaps. But mainly looking for something reliable and will provide me a ton of miles.

    Thanks for your time!

    Whoever wrote the Roy's garage thread, Roy I assume, thank you! That thread alone has been a treasure trove of information! You're a gentleman and a scholar!

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    Right. So after the initial purchase at the princely sum of $500 and adding a grand of parts I would say you are still on top. All of your suspension and non-internal components are 100% serviceable. As for 'irresponsibility' it is your truck and we would ALL be considered irresponsible for buying outdated, rusting relics with not much market resale value - if that was all this site was about. But these are awesome pieces of machinery that are fun to drive, practical (except the glaring examples like LSR Mikes' crazy misguided missile and a few other honourable mentions here) and are different in the crowd.

    Hell, I bought a non running G63B powered '85 for $400 AU that was so badly beat on that the original engine was dumped on a pallet and left in a kitchen joinery store room after it was discovered the crank was twisted and the cam journals were shredded, you could see daylight through the centre carrier bearing in the 2 piece tailshaft and the electrics had all been cut and 'fixed' with hobby electric terminal blocks. You have made the investment - I would say 'build it'. Delete the balance shafts, get the bottom end balanced and get groovy with porting and polishing the head. Once it's assembled you will know the engine will be rock solid and serve you well for a long time. You could buy another one for the amount you've spent so far and not really know what you've bought...

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