My name is Cory, I'm 21, i currently live in Marysville, CA. i was originally born just outside Huntsville Alabama then later on, family moved us out to California where ive been since i was 5.

My vehicle (to the best of my research) is a 1983 (door tag says Aug. 82) Mitsubishi Mighty Max 2.6l 5-Speed 4x4.

I purchased it this week for $170 (yes you read that right) delivery included.
This thing was very rough when i got it. it was covered top to bottom on the drivers side with moss that accumulated within the past 11 years of sitting un-registered it has since then been all scraped off and to my surprise found that the dent in the driver door is the only thing really wrong body wise (ill be taking a toilet plunger out and popping the dent this week sometime).

It came with one flat on the back, that wheel also has a locked up brake that needs to be addressed.

The motor as far as i can tell has 144,xxx miles on it (the readout on speedo says 44,xxx so i believe it flipped over once). the previous owner was able to show me that the engine starts, and quite quickly, and that it runs great.
He did a full ignition tune-up from coil to plugs, and all the way down to replacing the entire dizzy.

It came with 235/75r15 tires (not stock) on some 6 lug wheels, and i have since then already aquired two decent used mud terrains to replace both rears.
Just got a new battery in it last night, and today im sanding, washing and hopefully going to paint today. the truck underneath the moss ended up being a really faded out silver/ gray from cab forward, i discovered the bed has been replaced it was originally red and the truck paint code says silver. im going to be painting it a flat black since i found about 8 cans of spray paint behind the seats.

Eventually i plan to lift it off the ground about 4" and finally run some 33" A/T tires with new gearing front and rear, (this is eventually stuff) funds are tight and ill have to save for several months just to be able to re-gear the axles.

As i progress, ill try my best to snap a few pictures along the way and keep the site updated.

As for now ill be combing the electrical section to see if i can figure out why all my accessorys work (headlights, blinkers, brake lights, Etc) but im only getting one click from my starter relay. new battery is good with and without a load.

Thanks for reading, and i hope ill be hearing from some of you on here.