Okay, so I've searched through and read a bunch of threads. You all have some great experience and advice, I'm really glad I found this forum.

Situation: I bought an 86 2.0L in May that's spitting gas into the carb like it's going out of style. Rebuilt the carb less than 500 miles ago, didn't do much for it. Could be the MC Solenoid, could be the float is bad, could be anything really. I'm pretty done with this carb, it's awful. I've never gotten better than 20mpg, usually around 16.

Solution(?): Weber 32/36, probably the DGEV model because that's what my local carb place has.

Question: Do I have this list of parts right? What am I missing here?

-Weber 32/36 DGEV with conversion kit
-Airtex E8004 fuel pump
-Some kind of fuel regulator / gauge. (What's a good choice here?)
-A plate to block off the hole from the mechanical fuel pump
-A plate to attach the fuel pump in front of the tank

I promise to take pictures and video of the process of installing this. Although, I really am not experienced in carbureted engines, so the video will probably be me failing at things a bunch. Could be funny.

Also, the kits I'm seeing are for the 2.6L engine, is there anything I need to do to make this work for the 2.0?

Thanks so much, everyone. I'm super excited about my truck, I just want it to run well.