Hi, long time lurker finally posting. I have an 86 4x4 ram 50 'Royal' 2.6I bought it off a guy living on the side of a mountain, without ever hearing it run, for $500 3 years ago. He wouldn't even let us try to jump it. Dragged it home and found the starter hanging loose by the top bolt. Put a second bolt in and small wire on the starter, put a new battery in and it cranked right up with the help of some staring fluid, of course.
Currently, it's sitting on some old dry-rotted 31's on the stock 15" wheels. I put a long tube pacesetter header on it, which dumps out of a glass pack right behind the cab. Loud, is an understatement. It sounds like a drag car, kinda. I recently sanded the hood down to primer and shot a coat of green chalkboard paint on to it. Not bad, not good, but for my first attempt at automotive painting with a old school gun, it didnt turn out to bad. The cab is basically rusting away. 3 of the 6 body mounts are completely gone, and I had to shim between the cab floor and the frame because the sag was so bad.

That leads us to the next part of the story. I was browsing craigslist one day looking for starion\conquest parts when I stumbled upon a relatively clean 1986 2wd 50 about an hour from my where my brother lives. The price was right$300, it was missing some parts (battery, cat, passenger window). The engine on this truck is shot. It broke down on him while he was driving it home, and now it seems like the hg or head is gone. This one has been hacked up and beat to death on the inside, but the body is clean.

The original plan was to swap the 2wd body onto the 4wd frame. that may still happen, or we may end up selling the second truck off whole. Ill post pictures once I figure out how.