I finally got my truck back together. The left balance shaft slowed me down, I was having trouble getting the t-belt pulley off. Then realized I was thinking backwards, what I was thinking was the right side wasn't. So I found the plug, and inserted a screwdriver to prevent balance shaft from turning. It was farther back than I expected.
So for anybody else attempting this- It is behind the engine mount. You can access with a long extension from the wheel well. I got it fired up, and took a short drive. Nothing leaking...yet. I fully expect something else to start leaking. The seals I removed-crank,right/left balance shaft were hard and brittle.

I do have a T-belt whine, so I will have to adjust the tension. I just pray that I won't have to pull the trans. to do a rear main seal. I will sell this thing first.

Thanks for all the help with my ?'s.