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Thread: Is this the end?

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    Is this the end?

    Well my 86 D50 started smoking profusely a few weeks ago.
    After a leak down test I found that the #2 cylinder has a shot ring.
    So the question is: Do I rebuild or say good bye.

    The good:
    Under 100k on the motor
    New Snow tiers
    rebuilt auto transmission
    Weber carb.
    Interior is good
    New Dash cap
    Gaylord Fiberglass topper
    New struts
    new rear drums
    New inner and outer tie rods

    The Bad:
    Pretty bad rust problem in the floor boards
    possible wheel bearing going bad in the rear axel.
    Loud on the highway (especially with the huge hole in the floor board)
    Probably not the safest car to be driving every day.
    lets face it, the truck is old and more things are sure to fail.

    I am hoping that I get a good estimate on a rebuild from the machine shop and that I can use all of the guts from my motor again.
    I am not even sure that I can sell the truck because there is no way it can pass emissions. I have a smoke screen every where I go.
    Maybe I just keep the truck and "one day" drop a small block in it.
    Any thoughts?

    I'll post some pics later.

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    rusted floorboards arent a big deal. a day fix if you got a welder. some sheet metal, either bought new or salvaged from scrap. or easy fix for auto shop if you bring it to them with the carpet removed and easy for them to access.

    the bearings shouldn't be expensive at all. its worth your safety to just do all 4 and use a high quality grease.

    mines loud on the highway and runs fine. got quieter when I fixed some vibrating areas in metal panels but its not a modern ride at all. I love that about it but if that bothers you a lot, cut your losses and get a new car.

    as far as safe, yeah, its probably going to crumple in an accident. you either drive it knowing the possibility exists, or you grab some steel tube and a welder and brace the cab and replace the seat belts and anchors. its as safe as you want it to be, providing you have some skill or some money to pay others to do it for you.

    if you spend the money to have a shop rebuild the motor, your basically ensuring the motor will be good for another 100k miles, they hone all the cylinders, put new rings everywhere, new bearings where the old ones are not in spec anymore. basically making it as close to "new" as possible.

    if you go that route, the smartest thing to do would be to repair as many other trouble areas at the same time, new ignition, rotor, cap, get the carb properly tuned if you have not before, that way you know its running properly and you dont have a lean or rich spot that could destroy the new rebuilt motor.

    it looks like you have more Pros than Cons right now in that truck and if you like it, it makes sense to rebuild it.

    if your bored of it though, sell and get something modern or something that excites you more.

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