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Starion/Conquest parts needed for swap:
Complete motor
Turbo w/ downpipe or pre-cat
Intercooler (1986-89)
Wire harness and ecu
MAF w/ intake hose and air canister lid
Ignition stuff (igniter, coil)
Fuel pump
Oil cooler w/ lines and bracket
Motor mounts (engine brackets)
Brake booster check valve
Power steering pump bracket
Upper radiator hose
Heater hoses
Fuel rail hose

Other parts needed:
MM/D50 2.6 alternator/AC compressor bracket (if keeping AC)
AC idler pulley
2.5 exhaust tubing for downpipe
2.5 or larger exhaust
Custom intercooler piping
Electric cooling fans (Taurus fans work great)
K&N 1gen DSM air filter