Hello everyone, thought I should introduce myself on the forum before I start asking a ton of questions about my "new" project.

I was recently lucky enough to be given an '89 Ram 50 I have been after for YEARS... at least 7, probably more. the truck has been sitting for 15 years and needs some love but overall is one of the nicest I've seen around. it's a 4x4, regular cab, automatic, shortbed with just over 100k miles. it was parked when the starter failed, however after 15 years of sitting the engine had seized... I got it free, but now it has no compression, i'm hoping a bunch of stuck valves or something dumb, but no matter what it will need to get ripped apart to solve. it's also got no brakes, tires are shot, ect, ect, ect.

anyway, some pics for everyone

where it's been " resting" all these years

after a quick clean up