I've been gone for a while cause my daily took a crap on me. You might remember I bought a pos truck to drive for a while.

The clutch took a crap on it and I replaced it. The center section is loose and the springs were about to pop out. I can wiggle em around and spin em, all of em. Also shows signs of contact to the rivets. The clutch was also dragging bad to the point where I couldn't get into any gear while the car was on.

Replaced it with a clutch masters clutch setup 4 puck unsprung disc and a hd pressure plate. Flywheel got replaced by a fidanza 8pm aluminum flywheel with a replaceable friction surface. Also adjusted the clutch master cylinder. Nice clutch setup, heavy pedal, harsh engagement, but I love the fact I don't have to worry about the springs. No pics. Sorry. I'll get some of the car after I install my oem eclipse front bumper and get rid of the ugly wings west poly bumper. $215 from Mitsubishi with fog light covers. Gotta love dealership discounts.