I have a used car lot. I have a habit of keeping cool stuff that comes through the lot. I gave $300 trade in for a D50 4x4 the other day. I decided to keep it and put it in the shop with the other cars I have stashed away. I'll look at it tomorrow and figure out what exactly it is. I think it is an 85 or 86 4x4 manual tranny with working air. Bad paint but no dents or dings. No rust. No leaks and does not smoke. It has been so long since I had seen one that I did not realize what it was at first. People kept trying to buy it so I figured it was worth keeping. It has potential. I'm going to paint it white and lift it a bit to look good with 32s and white steel wheels. I'm probably going to have some questions that it would be easier to get the answer to from you than figure it out myself. I'll update what exactly it is in the next day or so. I have al kinds of stuff laying around. My wife gets pissed every time something new shows up. lol. Thanks in advance for your help!