I figured its about time i started a build thread of my own. I have a 87 Ram 50 2.0 i picked up a few years ago from a guy for $300 bucks. It had 228k on it and i drove it with minimal work such as cap and wires and a battery for 4 years and 100k miles. The oil pump fail and the motor locked up. I decided to get a crate motor from napa and i replaced the alternator, starter, radiator, and carb while i had it opened up. Since then i have pulled the whole computer and original carb system of and replaced with now seem to be a knock off weber from webercarbdirect.com but it works fine except the occasional backfire which may have to do with my numerous exhaust leaks. a few weeks ago i replaced the idler arm bushings, the pitman arm, exhaust manifold, and both tie rod ends. The truck currently has 369k miles on it. Upcoming repairs to fix vibration issues and a few leaks include. Both LCAs, Shifter plate, oil pan gasket, front and rear struts, both u-joints, and pinion seal in hog head.