New to the forum and the world of Might Max/D50's. I paid $100 for my grandpa's 1984 D50 (G63/manual)which is at about 80k miles and all original. I was a diesel mechanic for 10 years in the Army and grew up Mopar or No Car for background information, currently service writer at the local Cat dealer. I know Carters/Edlebrocks and Holley's inside and out but this 80's Japanese/Mitsubishi technology scares me. So before I dive into it I was going to pick brains. I am familiar with forums so will state/request some things below:

1. I conducted a site search and found nothing relating to my issue except the cigar smoke trick-which I'll try first.
2. I'm an honest guy hoping for honest help and answers, not smart ass remarks by trolls and bench racers.
3. Prior to this point it sat 10 years but I've replaced all oils, filters, plugs, wires, fuel etc etc. Fuel pump went out so I plugged manual and installed inline electric.
4. I have put on appx 500 miles since getting it tuned and on the road. No issues at all.
5. When not motorcycle weather but 4x4 isn't needed this will be my daily driver. So nothing crazy will be going to this truck except proper maintenance and easy driving any maybe solo camping trips when I don't wanna take the diesel/family.
6. New/reman'd carb is not the answer I'm looking for. Due to the issue desribed below I don't believe it's a $300 fix. I don't like to throw money at issues when I can do it and learn at the same time. Not cheap at all, but a hands-on type of guy ya know?

Problem: Carb has a "flat spot" right around the RPM's you release the clutch at (no tach). When moving from stop you have to over rev for it to not stall, not red-line though. Once moving I simply shift at higher RPM than I normally would to overcome this "flat spot". Temperature of the engine/ambient temperature does effect this "flat spot" but once engine is warmed to proper temp she isn't 100%, but manageable. Not a choke issue, it will idle cold at proper RPM and adjust as temp changes. I drive appx 8 miles on the freeway and it runs fine at speed. Same with back woods and dirt roads. Mechanically it's a sound beast just this stupid "flat spot"....

I want to re-affirm that you can power through this "flat spot", because of this I don't believe it's a WOT issue or fuel or ignition. Feels like it's "leaning out" but once higher RPM it catches up with itself. Electric pump and mechanical pump it had before both had this issue. Fuel pump got changed because diaphram inside.

So my plan was to not rebuild the carb completely, due to it operating normal except this "flat spot". I was going to start by taking apart accelerator and other items. Have rebuild kit but don't want to mix up any of those vacum lines blah blah

So any help I can get from someone with this issue or who really knows these factory carbs would be appreciated. Thanks in advance and if I can help anyone out or be of assistance please don't hesitate to ask!

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