Hello everyone. I have an 89 Raider with the 3.0 V6 engine. About a month ago I had to remove the heads because 3 of my exhaust valve guides had slipped toward the pistons. It ran perfect before I took the motor apart, just smoked on start up. Now that I have it back together it will start but immediately idles really high and dies. I'e checked multiple times for any vacuum leaks and can't find any. Mechanical timing is dead on, I've removed everything up front twice to check it. Plug wires are in the right place, rotor button is hitting right where it should be at the number one plug wire. It's getting fuel but I have no idea where in the fuel line I can hook up to check the pressure??? It's getting spark to all the plugs. I've unplugged all the sensors one at a time to do a minor trouble shooting on them and each time it sets off the check engine light and the truck won't start at all so I'm assuming they aren't the problem. I've replaced the coolant temp sensor, checked all the fuses and fuseable links. I'm thinking maybe a wire has broken somewhere in the harness but have no clue where to start. Does anyone know of anything on the engine that would cause it to act this way, this might give me an idea of where to start in the wiring harness? I've seen a video on youtube of a guy with the same symptoms, he runs power straight from the battery into an open connector somewhere on the motor and it starts up and runs fine, I can't for the life of me find this connector although I beleive it's a test connector for something in the fuel system. It does seem to run for a moment if you spray starter fluid into the air intake while it's starting, but I'm not sure if it's lack of fuel or too much air. Anyway... the ECU isn't showing any codes unless I unplug a sensor. It's driving me insane. Any help would be appreciated.