Haven't been around in a while. I kinda lost the urge to work on the truck, but its back now. I'm running new braided lines from my fuel cell to the fuel pump thats on the block on the G63B, but it's been so long since I took the old lines off that I forgot what goes where. There are 4 ports on the pump itself. The 2 in the middle still had the hoses going to the carb so those are ok, but I'm confused as to the one closest to the firewall and the one closest to the radiator. The one closest to the rad had about a 1' of rubber hose on it where I cut the old rubber line from the hard line and there was nothing on the one by the firewall. What's throwing me for a loop here is there was a foot of hose left on the carb that was cut. I don't remember there being 2 rubber return lines going to the hard line, but I can't see that port by the firewall just being left open. Even looking at the FSM, I can't tell how the lines are run. Can anyone help me out?