Hi guys looking for your help & your input
I got a 89 dodge ram 50 4x4 I would like to lift it up a little. So I got a little more ground clearents I have been reading some post by other members & no I can use Montero upper control arms for about 1-2" for the front what about the back longer shackles wont give me any thing for ground clearents. If I put the spring over axial that will be around 4-5" and will give the front a downword rake. So im stuck not real sher on how to get a level lift. I thought maybe makeing new rear leaf spring mounts so they would be closer to the frame that would make the spring over axial not so tall. I mean it would take out some of the front downwerd rake. So im turning to you guys for help and one of a kind ideas since i got a stripped down fram as of now. So any help any idea's & any crazy ideas are needed for this build thanks for every one input.