hi everyone,

I've been following this list for a while but haven't introduced myself. I'm Pierre from new orleans. I have had a 84 MM diesel x2 for years but i also just bought a nice 1986 MM 2.0 gasser. The 84 is a rust-bucket, the 86 is rust free. I bought the 86 for the body thinking i would swap the diesel engine in it. Previous owner said he ran it out of oil but it might be fixable.
After some research, what happened is that the balancer shaft tensioner came apart and the belt got chewed up and the timing belt jumped. ball bearings tore up the "B" belt sprocket. I repaired it this weekend. Still working on it changed the oil timed it changed the wires. carb is a mess, waiting on a weber coming in this Tuesday.

Anyway, this website is a terrific resource i will be getting on the donor list. Keep it going!!!