Ok Let me start with 86 2.0L G63B 5 Speed VIN D
Stalls when it it gets warm/runs a while won't restart until is seems too cool off a bit did basic tuneup still stalls

Had Carb rebuilt by Professional (I dont know carbs that well plus this one is really complicated) Still stalls

replaced plugs and wires again still stalls and have to wait to cool off before it will restart appeared to be vapor lock so i Replaced all fuel components with stock replacement except Carb (Weber replacement 32/36 DEV or something like that can't remember)

still stalls but not as often and cool off period is significantly less thought Cat was getting hot and restricting exhaust causing stalling so i installed header and removed Cat Still stalls same as after carb install

about to go through ignition system completely I don't care about cost I need it running reliably now (wife is starting to get pissed about this little truckand so am I) what do you guys think

Thought about ignition conversion but not sure what to get gonna get a new coil in the morning but Please help

if I was not clear on any of my issues please let me know and I can clarify better

Thanks in advance for all the help