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Thread: Starting problem!

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    Starting problem!

    Long story but I found a 99 Grand Voyager with a 3.3 in a field, sitting for 3 years covered in blackberry vines. Owner wanted vines cut away so scrappers could remove it, which I did. It was really dirty outside but clean inside so I popped the hood and saw an Aamco sticker. Curious to see the mileage, 119k, I jumped it and it started right up and idled great. Owner was amazed, said it had starting issue and sold it to me for scrap value, $200. Drove it home, cleaned it up, replaced windshield, battery, alternator and tensioning pulley. I found the connector for the small wire going to the starter didn't snap closed so I put a zip tie on it and drove it for a month running perfectly. Last weekend, took it on a 600 mile round trip, ran great, got home and now it won't start, no power to starter. All electrical works, has power to starter relay, relay is good but no power to the small wire to starter. Only unusual thing that happened was that I had overfilled the coolant reservoir to the top mark so the excess spilled out the overflow tube which is over the starter. Can't believe it did anything but I thought I'd mention it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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