Wow, what a dirty PITA!! I was covered head to toe with hirty grease and oil/grime, but she's DONE! now Amsoil 10w 30 European formula in engine (with Purolator filter this time), Amsoil GL4 75w 90 in trans and diff with Energy Release added to smooth any rough bearings etc. It REALLY works, found out when hot rodding airplane engines in 90's and early 2000's. Try some as cutting oil/drilling fluid. It makes oil SEEK heat, instead of run away (as is normal) CHeck it out ANd no, I get no commish, unfortunately!! The Multi purpose lube is what I use most of around the shop and as drilling fluid (or sawing, etc). Try some "regular" er in chain saw chain oil (and engine after just chain). hehe! Exactly!! ONLY "snake oil" I ever tried (and tested) and recommend, cause it doesn't BITE! hehe Truck shifts MUCH better and has more pep, smoother also, course some of that is the tune up and new plug wires letting me use ALL FOUR cylinders now, all the time! Jeez, one was totally shorted! Gaps(plug) were about .080!! yikes!