Looks like a nice influx of guys coming from up here although I haven't seen many on the road.

I've owned my '92 D50 for a while now. I got it because using my Ford Lightning as a work truck and navigating the streets with drag radials and 850hp is a chore that results in headaches, and empty gas tanks. Its an AMAZING truck with its long bed I can actually carry a lot of items that the shorty bed of the Lightning struggle with. It sounds crappy but it runs great.

I'm known around these parts as being a power junky and having vehicular A.D.D. meaning I go through cars a lot but in that wake of random projects I had never done a mini truck project. I'm a Lightning owner so naturally my opinion of "MiniTruckin'" was never very high but I am always down for the experience. I also have built and raced a lot of powerful 4G63 and 4G64 powered vehicles and I wanted desperately to swap a MightyMax/D50 one day but didn't have the chance, until now.

Buddy of mine was looking for some performance parts for his Galant VR4 and I have enough crap here to build a bunch of 9/10s 4gs and we came to a proposal. He had been hoarding an '88 mightymax project we worked on together long ago and now because of his Galant build it was probably never going to get finished. So I offered a parts trade and now the fun begins. I'll be doing a build thread as well as the truck progresses possibly but we got it pretty far now, bagged, front tilting hood, suicide doors, etc but I still want to do the 4 link, turbo swap and get rid of the frenched Cadillac lights in the bed.

I'll have pics up for you guys this weekend. I have to finish some fab work and get the doors re hung and we are a go.