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Thread: Make Side Marker Lights Blink with Your Vehicles Blinkers

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    Make Side Marker Lights Blink with Your Vehicles Blinkers

    Make your side marker lamps blink when the turn signal is on just like the newer model cars have now.

    Attention: Click the image above to open a separate window
    which shows the blinker in action.

    Doing the Mod
    The wire you need to work with is the ground wire on the side marker lamps. You would take the ground
    from the side marker and clip it closer towards the harness collection of wires. Take some electrical tape
    and wrap the loose wire up with the harness wires. Leave enough wire just incase you need to use the ground wire
    from the harness again for some reason. Just to protect it though, wrap it to the larger harness wires for now.

    Next you will take the ground wire from the side lamp marker you spliced and attach it to the blinker wire on your
    parking/blinker light closest to that side marker lamp. You should get a volt meter and check the wire for voltage
    to be sure which wire has the blinker relay set to. Of course your meter will show a voltage reading that bounces
    with the voltage given by the relay and that should be your connection. Be sure to properly splice to the wire by
    soldering them and using shrink tubing to protect the connection from anything that can cause a short.

    Do this with all 4 corners of the vehicle and be sure to seal up wires from the elements and road dirt etc.
    Check your connections as you work on each corner of the vehicle to be sure everything works correctly.

    You should remove the negative cable from your battery as you make wiring changes to your vehicle and
    fully support the vehicle with jackstands if you have to raise vehicle.

    Your vehicles wiring may be different from the description above. For example your side marker lamp grounds
    to the vehicle body or frame. This should not change the actual wiring except for detaching the ground wire
    from this area and taping the end up from grounding on any metal objects. This should work fine, but always
    use your trusty voltmeter to be sure and test the action of the blinker afterwards.

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    not sure that will allow the marker to work as a running light setup that way, but it has given me an idea to get them to work when lights are on or off. It can be done with relays and diodes to ensure it works without interference either direction.
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