I'll start with current vehicles: 06 Ram 350 Dually 4x4 Cummins; 74 W250 PW CC LB w/ Alaska Pack.; 88 Ram 150 4x4 w/ 77 RV 440; 74 Duster; 76 Cordoba (Donor car for Drivetrain); 90 Jeep Cherokee. Now for the other ones I sold traded or lost 63 Imperial (sold); 68 Coronet Super Bee (sold); 68 Charger (totaled when I parked in the John Day River) 84 Ramcharger (sold) 78 Magnum (sold); 90 T-Bird SC 35th Ann. (traded); 95 Ram 150 (traded); 02 Ram 250 (traded); 07 Megacab (traded). sorry for the run on sentence my computer wont allow me to hit enter to start new line of text. (((