Hey guys,
I have a 1979 D50 with the 2.0. After installing my weber carb, things have gotten funky in the truck.
My dash gauges have been acting really weird lately. First off, when I start my truck I have to rev it to 2000 rpm to get the alternator to start charging. Once I rev it the buzzer will buzz and the seat belt light will come on like it's just starting up. After that my gauges will only read half of what they should. When I fill my fuel tank full it shows half a tank, same with temp gauge. My alt light looks like it's half as bright as it should be. The speedo still works fine because thats all mechanical. If I am at a red light too long my gauges start dropping even lower. I am not sure if there is a voltage regulator in the dash or something that I need to look for. Also when I flip my turn signal switch and click it back, it starts my buzzer and seat belt cycle over again. Lemme know if you need anymore information, thanks for the help guys.