I saw a modification done on a Chevrolet Truck some years back and thought, what a cool idea. It was quite the eye trick and from behind the truck it appeared as a 3 Dimensional trick on the eyes. I'll try to explain what was done to create this 3D effect. I also created an image with a Mitsubishi Truck that could maybe represent how it was done.
What the person did was cut the tailgate brand name out of the tailgate in one piece. He went around the name leaving room for a boarder around all the letters. So he basically had a rectangle cut out which he then mounted onto the front inside of the truck bed. Placement was right behind the cab compartment at the same exact level it was on the tailgate.
Next, you have to fill in the large rectangled cut out in the tailgate with a piece of thick plexiglass. Clear was the color used on the truck I viewed, but I'm sure you could use a color matching your truck as well. This will allow you to see the piece you cut out and placed onto the inside front of the bed through the hole placed on the tailgate. This effect is truly an eyeful to see when behind the truck. I had to look a few times to make sure I wasn't mistaken and let the brain absorb it. Never seen it before, I thought this was an awesome idea and decided to share it.
Here is an image I made that I hope can capture this effect as best as possible. Again, in reality it is a very cool and original looking design.