Ok guys, who wants a dodge? Either you take it or i blow it up lol! Heres whats up this week! OK plugs are new, wires look great, cap and rotor are excellent. Got the truck a month ago. drove it for 2 weeks, perfect! the for 2 days it would spit and sputter but only while driving, idle and rev sounded great. Started driving perfect again after 2 days had past. drove fine up until 2 days ago. Now again the same thing popin and sputtering where you can hear it muffling threw the exhaust *no cat* but this time you can hear a lil sputter in the rev but still idle is perfect. now i while driving..put it in first let off the clutch spit sputter yayaya but when i reach 3 or so grand it straitens out and runs fine. shift into second spit sputter till 3 or so grand perfect shit in 3rd same thing...im believing the fuel pump is going out, or maybe carb or vac lines. this is boggling my mind!