So I've got an opportunity to buy a cheap 84 D50 with a turbo diesel 5-speed but the body is toast. I plan to swap it into my 2nd gen. The owner says the head gasket is blown. He was driving it home and it started overheating and blew the radiator cap a couple miles from home. It ran til he got home. Now when he cranks it there's no compression. He's saying it's just a blown head gasket but I havent seen many salvagable engines have no compression on all cylinders after this. There is no coolant/oil mixture. Are the blocks/heads strong enough to say it's possible it could be something simple or just needing a head gasket or possibly timing belt? He said he heard a pop/thud when it got hot and it ran fine the few miles til he got it home. If the engine isnt repairable the truck isnt worth spending the money. I can keep searching for a cantidate.