I picked up my '91 MM 4x4 a few years ago fairly beat up with a blown engine and found a terrific deal on a JDM imported "used" 3.0 out of a Diamante. I had the engine put in, cleaned the injectors, (did a lot of interior and glass work) and I had a running truck. The only issue was an intermittent electrical problem where all the power would cut out. It usually happened when the truck was parked and I tried to start it, no dash lights, radio, blower, etc.. For some reason, it would normally just start as if nothing had been wrong after a few minutes. This occurred about once a month and was irritating but didn't seem too serious. Then it started cutting out if I hit a pothole but half the time it would restart on its own. I finally found a faulty connector by leaving the key on after it cut out and I began wiggling different connectors in the wiring harness above the clutch pedal. I could see a dark streak in the center of the connector so I ended up cutting it out and splicing the wires with solder and heat shrink. Truck runs like a top now. The connector was almost melted in half on the back side and it was due to a "spade" connector that had slipped apart in the center slot. I know I've read about a few other people who sounded like they had similar problems so I thought I would post this.