My other car currently is a eagle talon. This is the car that mirrors the Mitsubishi eclipse. Mods to mine currently are carbon fibre hood and lift gate, front mout intercooler, hks ssq bov, evo 190 lph fuel pump, tein flex full suspension, evo 3 16g, turboxs manual boost controller set at 14 psi, fidanza 9 lb flywheel and a 4 puck unsprung clutch.

Blew the trans driving on a date I believe nov 8 last year, diving normally btw. The car would idle and rev easiely. Symptom: able to put car in any forward gear or reverse without moving under power. Able to do so without pressing the clutch while shifting, again in idle. Lift the vehicle and I can see the flywheel spinning, clutch fork moving while pressing the clutch, confirm shift cables moving with gear selector, no grinding or "metal to metal" noises.

Most likely the Input shaft snapped, then possible clutch exploded, then maybe stripped all gears at he same time with is unlikely.

Finally got around to working on the car today. Jacked front end up, installed new battery and confirm vehicle still runs. Lol. After normal operating temperature or radiator fans turned on, turned off car and removed front wheels, left and right front axel nuts, drained transmission, popped upper ball joint on passenger side and decided the tow rope was bothering me. I left it on the car when it broke, lazy I am. Lol. Now, it wasn't too bad that I saw a moving centipede alive and took refuge in the tow rope knot. Easy. Carefully remove knot, pull out tow rope which was stuck, and by the time the rope was on the ground, my tugging and frustration I took on it scared the centipede away into hiding. O.O Now I have no idea where it went. Looking around, removed the front bumper and saw a spider. Wow. Insects living under the hood of my car. Spider body was bigger then my left big toe. Fuck it. Done for the day. Not working rest of the night knowing something gonna crawl on me. Got a lot done in an hour though. Lol. More when I get free time.