Ok so i was working on this truck for a friend of mine as he bought it real cheap. Turned out we found another car he wanted me to fix first (1986 Chevy Caprice with a 350 in it) that we bought. Fixed that sold it. then he wanted to sell this truck and find a car. he said $400 as thats what he put into it and i did all the work. So i bought it..

Vehicle Specs:
1986 Dodge Ram50 Custom
2.0L Engine
5-Speed Transmission
2-barrel Mikuni Carb.

Now for the pictures as im to lazy to type everything about this truck for a 2nd time due to me pressing side button on mouse and going back 1 page!

The Truck from a view

Sanding jeeps door down, due out me getting it ready to paint once this truck is done. Also this truck will be lowered very low and im painting it a dark candy apple pearl red.

Carb with all hoses disconnected, ready for removal.

Carb while i was rebuilding it, grrr at 1 million tiny parts!

Carb off the truck.

Distributor off truck. (intake mani removal)

Taking off intake manifold, alot of ports in it were clogged. (sorry no pictures of it completely off), After i put i all back together it ran great idled normal, didn't have high idlewith very slow lowering to it. Still smokes like a whore using a crack pipe. All tests i did shows piston rings are worn or cracked. took exhaust mani off and oil is in cyl #4.

Put it all back together and it would just crank and spit fuel wouldnt even try to start.. checked timing and it was 180 degree's so pulled distributor back ot and rotated it 180 degree's.


Step dad and i building a tiki engine hoist with a come along.

Making sure truck fit under it and wouldnt tip in any way possible.

Another angle of it. Seems to fit great.

Hood Removal & making sure everything is able to lift engine straight up and out

Trying to remove Engine but it wont pull off tranny, dang it i almost swore i didnt have to remove starter but i guess so

Oh and kids always use your emergency brake. it will keep the truck from rolling backwards, In my case i used my jeep instead i doubt it can roll past that

Engine coming out.

Another Angle

And a further angle of it

Engine is out woot!

More pictures coming soon of engine rebuild!