Hi all, newby to the board, I have a 86 power ram 50, It's the daily driver/ work rig, with around 240k on the clock so it's a bit worn. On the docket, are firstly- inexpensive rear leaf work- have side boxes and a home built shell. I have some truck springs i was thinking about adding to the slim pack it has, they are a bit narrow but do have the teflon pads, and I was planning to clamp the bejezuss out of them. unless i can find some 3" wide leafs to cannibalize for this mission. Anyone know what type of springs I should be looking for. Also looking to replace the engine at some point - a fill the gas and the oil type scene, anyone with any input on choices- I was thinking maybe used engines from Japan? I think it has a Weber carb. Sure is fun to drive.