Okay guys, thinking of swapping axles. here the senerio. I have at my disposal Dana 44's front and rear that i bought for my XJ cherokee they are direct bolt in. The cherokee currently has Dana 30 front Dana 35 rear, my plan was to put the 44's under cherokee and then put the 30 and 35 under the 50. The main reason for this is parts avialiblity for a reasonable price for parts ie lockers, alloy axles etc... and I can get super 30 and super 35 kit running 30 spline axles and have less wieght than the 44's. Then would be the question of narrowing the dana's stock XJ wms to wms is about 60" just measured it. Do i go same width 55" wider or narrower then compensate with back spacing on the wheel. I only plan on running 31 to 33's at the largest.