hey guys im new to this site and new to the mighty/d50 world... just got my 94 an hhave to say i love the truck. its a 5sp v6 with 33 inch tires gets 30mpg!! gota love that. well it seems the last owner was rough on it. its a lil beat up dents and a gray drivers door interior is pretty nice thow.. it rides pretty rough due to the tortion keys being cranked all the way up.to fit the large tires. iv noticed the front end has no give at all and the shocks seem to serve no purpose the bolts were actually out of one shock on the lower control arm an its kinda just hanging there... i want to smooth my ride up...mybe a larger off road shock if they sell any for the truck kinda hard to find parts for. i like the 33s but my go down to a 31 and crank the TBs back down any suggestions guys???? also looking for after market pre runner style bumper , roof rack and snorkel kit......thanks